Advisory Services

As you can imagine, not every transaction is straightforward and not every situation can be resolved through a simple transaction to traditional loan. Over the years we have prided ourselves on developing creative solutions for our clients individual situations

Asset Disposition

We spend the first half of our life collecting things and the second half of our life disposing of those assets.
There are many reasons to consider a transaction: Perhaps cash flow is no longer sheltered as depreciation has run out or it's time to pass this asset along to someone with a different talent set. Our unique approach of completing all the due diligence and lining up financing is a proven method that is sure to deliver results.

Creative Deal Structures

Our most important responsibility is to assist an owner achieve their goals. Often, we can suggest creative deal structures enabling a win/win for all parties involved. For example, a net lease may be beneficial to an owner looking to give up operational responsibilities; this solution also avoids capital gain tax realized from an out right sale of the property.

Capital Markets

Whether you are seeking an acquisition,  construction,  bridge loan or a simple refinance,  Innvest can assist. We have over 40 years of balance sheet lending relationships serving all asset classes. 

Joint Ventures

In 2002 alone, our firm facilitated joint ventures totaling $55M in value. Often, by marrying the skill set and backgrounds of difference clients, we can create significant value. For example, we can bring experienced developers or operators to a team, enabling the completion of a more complicated transaction for a less experienced owner. Likewise, there is significant value created by bringing a local player to a team.   Sometimes the joint venture is simply looking for an equity investor. we can assist you with that also.

Buyer Broker

We serve as a buyer's broker, representing funds and large investor pools to identify potential transactions that may not be readily available. Our database provides the ability to contact owners that may not be actively marketing properties for sale. This works best for clients with specific acquisition goals looking for off market assets that meet their criteria.

Due Diligence and Consulting Services

Often utilized by clients without the resources to manage their own transaction. We can assist by managing the due diligence process, serve as a clearinghouse for document flow and help to evaluate potential transactions. Of course, the client is responsible for making decisions, but we can help them understand the implications of what they are evaluating. As part of this service we can assist in the selection of franchise and management companies as well as negotiate their prospective contracts and PIP's.


In 2002 alone, we were involved in $50M in new construction transactions. We have helped landowners and builders plan new hotel developments and identify the "right" product for their site. By conducting market research and feasibility work, we have been successful in helping builders plan their project based on market supply and demand characteristics and assist them in selecting a franchise and room count that is most appropriate for their project. With numerous builders as clients, we often plan and market projects from pre-construction and sell the hotel upon completion. In this case, we will prepare a pre-development marketing package and position buyers to acquire the asset prior to the hotel opening.

Additional Services

Analytic Support: Our analytics team has helped buyers, sellers, and builder understand the true value of investment opportunities. By utilizing our proprietary financial models, we can assist owners in creating preforms, calculating return on investment, and running investment scenarios based on various deal structures.

Contract Negotiations: Through our vast experience with owners, management companies, and franchise companies, we assist owners in identifying alternatives for brand and management, interview prospects, and assist in the selection process. As part of this service, we can help owners negotiate the agreement.

Managing the Appraisal Process: Although we are not appraisers, owners often find it useful for us to manage the appraisal process on behalf of our clients. Services include obtaining competitive proposals, collecting and managing document flow, scheduling and being present for relevant meetings with key employees, and reviewing the draft report before it becomes finalized.